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The update released today includes the following enhancements:


1. Added an option to generate unique integer numbers. Previously, the data generator of integer numbers did not guarantee uniqueness and generated random, but not necessarily unique numbers. Property Type is added to the integer data generator.



  • Set Type to AutoIncrement to generate sequential integers starting from the Min Value. Note: after the Max Value is reached, the next integer is the Min Value. If uniqueness is required, make sure that Max Value will not be reached.
  • Set Type to Random to generate random integers between the Min Value and Max Value.


2. Session persistence can be now configured independently from the browser cache control settings. Previously, property "VU restarting browsers %" of a test case was possible to configure only when the cache control property was enabled. Otherwise, "VU restarting browsers %" presumed to be 100% and therefore session persistence was disabled.


Currently, even with cache control disabled, the property "VU restarting browsers %" can be set to 0% to enforce session persistence for all VUs. If you set it to 20%, then session persistence will be enforced for 80% of VUs.


Added fixes in the following areas:
- using warm up;
- using iteration delays.


To navigate to other parts of the v3.0 release notes, click the links below:

StresStimulus 3.5 beta is available here.

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