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V3.5 UPDATE 3 - emulating clicks on random links

The update released today includes the following new features and enhancements:


1. Extractor randomization to emulate clicking on random links. The occurrence property of text delimited and regular expression extractors can be now randomized. For example, if an extractor searches for a link on a page with up to 20 links, then Occurrence=2 will always return the second link for all VUs. To emulate clicks on random links, change the Occurrence Type property from Constant to Random. Then, set Min Occurrence = 1 and Max Occurrence = 20. After that, the load test will emulate clicks on random links. If the random number exceeds the real number of available links, then the last link will be used to avoid 404 responses.



2. Expanded reporting DATA- Added "Avg. Content Length".  The "Avg. Content Len. (KB)" column was added to the Request Details grid in the Test Result section. It displays the average response body size in KB. 



3. Expanded reporting DATA- Added "Avg. Iteration time per VU".


In the VU Details grid, in the Test Results section, the Avg. Iteration time (s)" column was added to the VU Details grid in the Test Result section. It displays the average time of a completed iteration for a VU in seconds. Only completed iterations are counted.



4. Expanded reporting DATA- Querying test log during the test run. StresStimulus appends HTTP sessions to the test log while the test is running. Previously, you could query the test log only after the test completes. Now you can query the test log from the runtime dashboard while the test is still running. This allows users to see the number of test errors and their content before the test completes. Based on this information you can decide to continue or to abort the test.


Note: The test log is updated in batches with a 60-90 second delay.




-        Improved column autosizing in the data grids. When you double-click on a grid column divider, the data grid column will auto-size. If it contains a very long string, the column could become wider than the screen can display. In the current version auto-size is improved to more comfortably fit the page on the screen.

-        Improved help boxes. Help boxes now can display hyperlinks to the online documentation. To enable clicks on the hyperlinks, the help boxes now appear on-click, not on mouse-over.


To navigate to other parts of the v3.0 release notes, click the links below:

StresStimulus 3.5 beta is available here.

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