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v0.9 Release: Summary

The main highlights of today's release are: substantially extended reporting and increased test accuracy. More than 20 new features and 25 new parameters are added. Virtually every parameter in the test's report can be verified and matched up with the Fiddler metrics.


While more minor builds could be released before the Pro edition is going into prod, this release is the last major one. The following posts layout the new features:


The new version is available via auto-update or here. This release replaces the previous build that will expire on or around 6/25/11. If you receive the expiration message, you will be able to install a new version with one click. You also will have an option to decline the upgrade and continue using your existing version, but it would require downgrading to the free edition. If you would like to keep dozens of advanced load testing features, we recommend you upgrade.


The pricing will be announced shortly. It is not too late to join our license giveaway contest.


Happy load testing!

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