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v0.9 Release: Part 4 - More convenient testing.

Several features are added for more convenient testing.


1. Opening "Recent Tests". This allows to re-open five last saved tests from the StresStimulus main menu.


2. Showing dependent requests for selected primary requests.In the Fiddler grid's context menu, an option was added to Show/Hide dependent requests for selected primary requests.


3. Adding Performance Counters from the graph. Right-mouse-click on the Performance Counters graph to add more (up to 10) performance counters from a local or network computer.


4. Displaying StresStimulus Tab in a separate window. In the StresStimulus main menu, click "Tear-off" to detach StresStimulus UI from Fiddler and display it in a separate window that can be positioned anywhere on the screen. This allows to conveniently display any StresStimulus test results side-by-side with the Fiddler's Statistic tab report or Timeline report .



5. Enabling activation without internet access.StresStimulus Pro can be activated on machines without Internet access. If necessary, request off-line activation instructions from Stimulus Technology customer care.


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