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The Release Candidate

The RC is available for download. It replaces  the soon expiring previous versions. This is expected to be the last version before the v1.0 launch, currently scheduled for Aug 1, 2011. Licensing / pricing for the retail version is available here.  We are working on adding more low cost options and will provide complete  licensing / pricing information shortly.

The following enhancements are added in both, Pro and Free editions:


1. A browser type string in the User-Agent. StresStimulus will replace the recorded browser type in the User-Agent request header by the select browser's string.  You can uncheck the "Replace User-Agent String" box to keep the recorded browser type string. This feature is added in addition to an already existing browser type performance simulation.



2. Support for Firefox 4.  This feature was requested in this post.


Several bug fixes are included as well.

Depending on your current version status, a one-time Internet connection and 3 clicks (below) may be  required to activate the RC.



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