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New Guide on Load testing with StresStimulus on Code Project

Update: Since the publishing of this tutorial, many more improvements were made.

If you are interested in web performance, you may come across the book "ASP.NET site performance secrets" by Matt Perdeck. This week Matt wrote a two-part article called Load testing web sites with StresStimulus.

Part 1 - Getting started, gives a detailed comparison of the Free, Evaluation, and Pro editions and provides a step-by-step guide to load testing. A complete set of screenshots and a sample website makes it easier for people to get started with StresStimulus.

Part 2 - Advanced features, goes into more advanced topics of using StresStimulus, such as Increase load in steps, parameterization, authentication, performance counters and comparing the performance of different versions of your site.

I found this article to be a great introduction to StresStimulus and tutorial for simple and moderately complex load tests.
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