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StresStimulus code snippet is published on CodeProject.

When coding StresStimulus I used the standard System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox API to add a Windows message box. These message boxes have very few basic options like "OK/Cancel" or "Yes/No" buttons.

At first this API was sufficient, however very soon I realized that it was pretty limiting. For instance, I wanted to give user a choice "Install/Don't Install" and also display "Don't show this message again" checkbox to save user from unnecessary clicks.

I needed to use such custom message boxes in several places, and writing custom code from scratch every time seemed like a waste. So I created an API that allows to create custom message box with up to 3 buttons and a checkbox. It is totally customizable and as easy to use as the standard one.

This little project saved me tons of time, so I thought that if I share it with others. I posted it on CodeProject. Check it out and please feel free to leave comments.

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