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support for ViewState, IE9 and more VU in new version

A new StresStimulus version released today includes the following updates:

1. Added support for ViewState autocorrelation on ASP.NET pages. StresStimulus automatically passes back values of __VIEWSTATE and __EVENTVALIDATION from response to the subsequent postback. By default the Narrow Autocorrelation model is used for better performance. If ViewState integrity breaks on any of ASP.NET pages, select Broad model in Load Test Configuration -> Other Options for complete autocorrelation;

2. Improved web browser emulation. HTTP connection limits per host (server) and per-proxy are more accurately enforced based on selected web browser.

3. Added support for Internet Explorer 9. IE9 expanded connections-per-proxy limit to 12.

4. Increased Virtual User to 1500 per client. Load engine optimization allowed us to increase Virtual User cap by 50% to 1500.

5. Fixed several bugs including one in Parameterization.


The new version can be downloaded here

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