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One Tool; Two Flavors

StresStimulus is the only load testing tool on the market that is available in two flavors: a Fiddler integrated version and a standalone edition.

Both the integrated and standalone versions are delivered in a single installer. Both versions have very similar UIs and the same feature set, so no additional training is required. Both versions use the same document format and can be interchangeably used to work with the same test. They even share the state and configuration space. For example, after opening a test in the standalone version, it will appear in the "Recent" list in the integrated version, and vice versa. More significantly, the two versions share the same codebase. This will ensure features and behavior consistency and will help to uphold StresStimulus's rapid development track in the future.

While very similar, each of the versions has its own benefits:

Standalone version benefits:
  • Does not require Fiddler.
  • Is easier to use for non-Fiddler users, due to less distraction from features unrelated to load testing.
  • Future extension is no longer limited by constraints specific to add-ons.

Integrated version benefits:
  • Tight integration with Fiddler allows to do web debugging and functional / performance / load testing in a single toolset.
  • Fiddler features (such as multiple Inspectors, filtering sessions, Timeline and auto-responders) can be used to extend the load testing feature set. For example, it creates the ability to simplify the debugging and analysis of load tests, not available in other performance testing tools.

In the future, while either list of unique benefits can grow, our goal is to keep enhancements available in both versions and to maintain a maximally similar user experience.

We know that StresStimulus would never be the same without input from the StresStimulus community. Our thanks go out to all users who participated in the private beta program or sent feature requests, bug reports or any other feedback.
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