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Lakmal Nanayakkara
Lakmal Nanayakkara
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I want to test load test using StressStimulus. One of client ask me to do a load test and idenfy how the application behave under increasing load. I've tested with 500 users but I didn't see any issue in web application.

I wonder about the results. When the testing in progress  I manually login to it and see any bottlneck I can see inthwe web app but I didn't see.

So what could be reasons for this? Is the application give error message when web application is crashing?

What do you think would be good configuration for my requirements.

Here are the test summary I got.
Note that testing web application is hosted in remote server and stressstimulas plugin install in my local machine. Can we run the with that way (web allocation in remote host and stresstimulus plugin in another machine).

Test Summary:

Test Case Summary
Base Pages:     1
URLs :          5

Test Parameters
Think time between base pages:    1s
Think  time between iterations:    0s
Load pattern:    Step load
Start with:    5 user(s)
Increase by:    100 user(s)
Every:    5 second(s)
Maximum:    500 user(s)
Browser Type:  
Network Type:    Cable/DSL 384k
Complete test after:    500 seconds
Warm-up time:    0 seconds

Test Run Information
Start Time:                     13:07:33
End Time:                       13:52:26
Warm-up (s):                    0
Aggregate Session time (s):     411549
Test run duration (s):          2692.45

Overall Result
Status:                   Aborted
Max User Load:            500
Total bytes sent:         4,844,020
Total bytes received:     111,778,778
Bytes sent/sec:           1,799.112
Bytes received/sec:       41,515.622

Test Iterations
Total test iterations:          1003
Total iterations completed:     614

HTTP Transactions (sessions)
Total requests:             3,523
Requests Failed:            4
Requests/sec:               1.3
Avg. response time (s):     123.8

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