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Tony L.
Tony L.
Posts: 8

Tony L.
Tony L.
Posts: 8
***Completed in v1.0 Augusts Update***
First of all, StresStimulus is an awesome tool for stress test. 
While I am trying the Pro version, I found it's hard to do the 'update' test. 
Consider following scenario: 
Step 1. User opens an edit page for a specified record
Step 2. User changes one or some fields on the page returned
Step 3. User clicks ‘Update’ button to make a HTTP post with the fields on page
For now, it's supported to parameterize the step 1 with the record ids from a CSV data source. When proceeding with step 2 and step 3, besides the fields overridden by user's input (which can be parameterized) , ideally, the other fields should be submitted with their original values returned from server as result of step 1. If I understand correctly, this will be a great feature that however the current version lacks. 
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