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Brianna Blanchard
Brianna Blanchard
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I've begun running tests that involve pages (rather than just simple requests), and I don't think I understand the Page response times under Page Details. I have designated a primary request and there are 16 dependent requests. When I look at the page under page details, what are are those response time metrics (average, minimum, median, etc) measuring? The time elapsed from the issuing of the primary request to the response of the last dependent request? The time to first byte of the primary request?
I'm particularly confused because of how the numbers I see for the average (90 ms) for the page compare to the request details: the primary request has an average response time of 6ms, and each dependent request has an average response time of about 250ms. From the request details, I would expect an average page response time of about 256ms: the primary request takes 6 ms, then all the dependent requests are fired off in parallel and return about 250 ms later, for a total time of 256 ms.
I want to know two things from my test: how long this set of requests for the page takes as a whole, and how long they take individually. Can I get these numbers out of StresStimulus?
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