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Brianna Blanchard
Brianna Blanchard
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I have a set of about 20 requests, some of which have the same structure and some which do not. Within these requests there is an ID parameter, sometimes in the Query and sometimes in the Body. For each iteration, I want to substitute the same value. Furthermore, I want to create different tests that have subsitute into the same parameter, but use different sources.

Is there a good way set all of these substitutions to the same datasource column other than manually parameterizing each request for each test? Can I, for example, set up one URL using the typical manual parameterization, then set up extraction somehow to inject that same parameter into the remaining URLs? Basically, I would like to be able to change the datasource each of these 20+ requests is using by only making one change.

I am now using v2.8, with an Enterprise License.
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