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Brianna Blanchard
Brianna Blanchard
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***The issue was resolved***
During a test with up to 100 users and 2000 iterations (each iteration is 15 requests), between 2 and 11 requests consistently do not appear to complete. By this I mean the test stays at 98% complete for a long time (several hours in one case), waiting on these requests, until I click on the "Skip" button and these requests are moved to timeout. However, when I view the error afterwards, the requests that are listed as having timed out have response code 200, and show the data I was expecting in the response body. Furthermore, our server machine shows no errors.

Between the requests that have issues over different runs, the parameters substituted and the VU are different. It does seem like the same base 2 requests (before the substitution) are involved, but it only happens in a few of 2000 requests that use the same URL. This has occured on at least two test cases (different datasources, otherwise the same)

As a note, when I tried running tests that use the same base URLs with datasources that result in reponse times that 3-4 times slower + more data being sent, the issue does not occur.

I took a run using SQL CE and will upload a support case.
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