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I have a question regarding Test Case Groups.

If I were to reCan you please let us know where i can find the option to set the required number of virtual users for a particular test case to execute while doing the distributed load test.
That means TC1, TC2 AND TC3 i want it to run for 33, 62, and 78 virtual users respectively.
I observed mix weight property but it is based on the ratio proportion which automatically distributes the user load. I want the number of users to be set for the distributed testing manually to whatever number we want.
cord two test cases:
Recording of Test Case 1. Adding contact info to Jim
Recording of Test Case 2. Make a phone call from contact list to Jim
and then put them into test case group 1, is it going to retrieve the data from test case 1 to be used in test case 2?

Or would we have to:
Test Case 1. Add contact info to Jim
Test Case 2. Add contact info to Jim and then make a phone call
And then run them in test case group 1?

We’ve read, however, it doesn’t specify if the first scenario would be possible.
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