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Posts: 393
1. I would like to know if it is possible to export the result tables attached to the graphs of the performance counters result.
2. About databinding and sources, I cannot see the options for databinding. Is there any special mode that enables databinding?
3. Another problem I have is that i cannot upload the csv file to parametrize the requests with different data for each virtual user. Example: I want to test the registration of the site so i created a .csv with ten users to start a load testing and try Stresstimulus. But when i try to open the file, i have an error message saying that it is expecting 19 fields and it is receiving only one. Is it the comma the separator by default?
I am using it.
4. Is it possible to export from Stresstimulus to a .csv file the tables with the data in the requests? I think this way you reduce the possibility of an error when the user is designing the file, because he/she has the default exported format.
Thanks a lot for your attention.
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