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Brianna Blanchard
Brianna Blanchard
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***Was developed in v3.5***
I am using Version 3.0.5061. I will upload one of the test cases where I saw this occur to the support repository.

I have a fairly long dataset (3900 rows). I have a set of 16 requests, which are all parameterized using the data set, one parameter per column. I selected the "Sequential" option. This is how I ran my tests for months earlier this year. I recently returned to using StresStimulus, and upgraded to Version 3.0.5061.

When I run my load test, some of the values for the second column are randomly swapped, meaning that the parameter from column 1 will be from one row, but the parameter from column 2 in the same URL will be from another row. From what I have seen so far, the two values are swapped, so one URL will have, say, parameter 1 from row 10 and parameter 2 from row 11, while the next URL will have parameter 1 from row 11 and parameter 2 from row 10.

This essentially renders the tests unusable, because I have to comb through all of the results to determine which errors are caused by this bug, and which, if any, are from my web application.

Which URLs, VUs, and rows are affected is different every time I run the test, and I see this error both with an old dataset I was using successfully before, and a new dataset.
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