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Patricia Coronel
Patricia Coronel
Posts: 32

Patricia Coronel
Patricia Coronel
Posts: 32
Hi Vadim,
I have a little problem. I am trying to evaluate the response time of a parametrized request and I see that StresStimulus is grouping the request and returning back as result the average of all of them.
To be clear, here is my request:

  • /Desarrollos/GetImage?desarrolloID=11

As you can see, the request is parametrized. When I go to the Request Details, this request is not displayed in detail, one for each call with its parameter.
The amount of requests is right in the report, but for example this request was called 3 times, one for homepage, one more after the user log in and the last one when the user logs out.
To be more detailed, this is the list of the requests:


All these request are called 3 times each one, but when I go to the request details i cannot see them detailed one by one. I have tried the different options that the tool is offering but none of them displayed me the detailed requests.
Is it possible to view the detailed list? am i doing something wrong?
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