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Fabien Lennertz
Fabien Lennertz
Posts: 12

Fabien Lennertz
Fabien Lennertz
Posts: 12
Hi Vadim,
Not sure how to put this but I will give it a try...
What is the use of requesting a website with the GET functionality when it only downloads the root?
Lets say we want to load the following website:
We will use the GET functionality in the [Request Builder] and accordingly press the "Execute" button. The outcome of this will get us 1 primary result. I'm a little confused here. Don't you always want to load the entire page (primary) page including all dependents such as .css and .gif?
On the other hand if you enter the URL in the black bar down below (just above "Capturing"), Fiddler will download the primary page including all the underlying objects. By the way: this can also be realized by enable "Capturing" and enter the URL in your browser. This makes sense. Last question: is there any difference in both options besides the loading the dependent objects?
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