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Posts: 5
Hi, Team
I'm so glad to find your extremely easy to user tool that our company is considering to user your stresStimulus as our load test tool for our product. I have downloaded 7 days trial with unlimited VUs. Since I'm a fresh man for load testing, I have several questions about your tool.
I'm wondering how the SteadyLoad and StepLoad working. I have known VUs are working independently after I view discussions between you an your other clients. But I still have some;
1, If I select steadyLoad, does it mean all VUs are working at same time(ie. Login funcion testing, all VUs click Login button at the same time)? Or they just start at the same time?
2, If I select StepLoad. The setting is Start VU is1, Max VU is 50, Step VU Increase is 1. Step Duration is 5s. Now my confusion is all about Step Duration. Does is mean we add 1 VU for every 5 sec? How about the test case can't complete within the Step duration, like I have a complicated test case(just for example) it need more than 5 sec, but my Step Duration is 5, what will it happen?
3, If I select SetpLoad, does it work as the way that the first VU starts test case, after the time which is defined by Step Duration, the second VU starts running(I set increase is 1). Here the first user may be not completed the case for one time or maybe the first user has already run the case for several times, is that correct? Other user don't care if the previous user is finished.
4, After the whole test finished, the average response time is calculated per same session( sum all user's same session) no mater which Load I choose, Steady or Load. Is that correct?

That's all my questions. Besides that, I really like your analysis of test result, but considering my low level, I'm wondering where I can see the detail examination for the technical term so that I can learn what's meaning of each noun or curve. Do you have any department for load test green hand? :P

Waiting for your reply.
Thank you.
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