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Posts: 10
There seems to be a potential bug running a load test of 3 different applications, on the same host, simultaneously following the below scenario:

Test Case 1 - Application 1 utilizes form authentication
Test Case 2 - Application 2 utilizes form authentication
Test Case 3 - Application 3 utilizes server authentication

When running a Steady Load of 30 users - 10 per application, all users are authenticated successfully.

When increasing the load test to 45 users - 15 per application, all users utilizing form authentication are authenticated successfully. However, the test case utilizing server authentication, only a subset of users are getting authenticated, meaning not all 15 users are authenticated.

Just to note, the application using server authentication (Test Case 3) can handle more than 15 users as I was able to successfully run a load test of 50 users just executing this test alone.

Version 5.3.7670 x64 CLR 4.0

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