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This question was originally posted by  Shasha Han  in this post. It was reposted here to create  a separate thread, to make it easier for the Community to find it. 

If I run a simple test, just login and load default page. There is one request, the path and query part is:
/ClientBin/UniteamTransportSystems-Web-UniteamService.svc/binary/GetUserDefaultDataSettings UserID=124&IncludeEmptyDataDefaults=false
When I record, the userID I used is 124.
Then I prepared 10 users with different userID. After I run Ten users for Ten durations. I generated report. I found in the test result, this query is still
It didn't show the userID it retrived from DataSets.
Actually, I checked VU one by one, the session is correct, they used expected UserID when sending request, my question is only about test result, it leads me to the way that all my testings are using same userID. I'm not sure if it's by designed or my configuration is not correctly.
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