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The questions below where copied from this post to start a new discussion for better searchability. 

My application is a silverlight system. Here's a very simple test case; add a new record and save. User need to input ItemName and Price. The ItemName cannot be a duplicate. So there will be a validation when he submits, if what he typed has already been existing in DB, he will get an error and the save operation will fail, but my test case is typing an valid value and save successfully.

I want to simulate 200 users perform this action at the same time(SteadyLoad), and number of iterations is 1. My questions (all my questions are based on this precondition):

1, Now is it required to prepare 200 test data which has different Itemname and price for my test case? If I don't set any data for my test case, what will it happened? I think all 200 new records can not save to DB, so the save action is not simulated correctly as my expected, is that correct?

2, If the answer of NO.1 is Yes. I have another question. If I want to test in the mode of step load, increase 1 user per 5 sec. Due to the fact that I'm not sure how many times the test case will be performed since the first user must run more times than the last user. How many test data I need to prepare?

3, If I want to test many users, ie. tens of thousands of users, do I need to prepare same numbers of test data for all new added records?

Thank you very muchsmile

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