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Vadim @StresStimulus
Vadim @StresStimulus
Posts: 583

Vadim @StresStimulus
Vadim @StresStimulus
Posts: 583
Released today StresStimulus update (v. 0.8.4036) added a number of new features:
Enhanced design:

1.UI options are better organized. New feature can be added without changing existing layout.
2.Color coding HTTP sessions. All test case sessions are colored in Purple, all load test sessions are colored in Gray.

New Functional features:

3.Grouping requests. Test case requests are automatically grouped into pages with one leading base (or primary) page request (i.e. aspx pages shown in bold above) and associated dependent requests, such as images, scripts, and CSS.
4.Recorded think times. Think times in the recorded test case can be replayed during the load test. Think times are added before the subsequent base page requests.

5.Think times between test iterations. A constant wait time can be added between test iterations.
6.Web browser type selection. Added support for a http connection limit. User selects type of web browser or a custom value. Load test will queue requests if necessary to avoid exceeding the connection limit.

7.Total iterations. Instead of iterations per virtual user, now it is possible to setup a total number of iterations. This removes a limitation keep the number of iterations equal for all users.

Scalability enhancements:

8.HTTP response bodies in Fiddler are purged ( by default) in all sessions executed during the load test to save memory.
9.Multi-threading load test engine is optimized to reduce performance overheads.

Click on "Check for Updates" in StresStimulus, or to download the latest version click here.
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