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Dave Sole
Dave Sole
Posts: 1

Dave Sole
Dave Sole
Posts: 1
I'm finding that the a cookie contaning name-value pairs isnt being persisted into the subsequent requests properly.
For example, request #1 returns a cookie header  :

Set-Cookie: name=subname=subvalue&subname2=subvalue2; path=/; secure; HttpOnly
The subsequent request #2 normally would send a cookie header :
Cookie: name=subname=subvalue&subname2=subvalue2
Fiddler displays this in the Header tab ( in Inspectors ) as

 |- subname = subvalue
 |- subname2 = subvalue2
But StressStimulus is sending this :

Cookie: name=subname
Here's some Sample code ( ASP.Net ) :

Dim cookie As HttpCookie = New HttpCookie("name")
cookie.Values.Add("subname", "subvalue")
cookie.Values.Add("subname2", "subvalue2")
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