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Brianna Blanchard
Brianna Blanchard
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The description is Mix Weight is "The relative frequency of the Test Case replays in the mix. Every VU is assigned to a specific Test Case selected in a round-robin order, while skipping some of them to achieve the VU distribution corresponding to the mix weights."

However, if you have a number of users that is a smaller number than the total mix weights, say, 50 users and mix weights of 75 and 25, the test cases will get an even split of the 50 users. Given the words "relative frequency", I expected entering 75 and 25 to give a 75%, 25% split, even with only 50 users. If I use 100 or more users, the mix weights acts as I expected.

I was using 75 and 25 rather than 3 and 1 to make my automated data processing easier.
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