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Vadim @StresStimulus
Vadim @StresStimulus
Posts: 583

Vadim @StresStimulus
Vadim @StresStimulus
Posts: 583
New Alpha released today brought the following updates:
1. Parametrization, to replace the recorded request parameters with the dataset values on every test iteration.

2. Saving sessions to the Test Case, so keeping Fiddler sessions selected during the test is no longer required.

3. Toggle between displaying Base (Primary) and All requests, to hide dependent requests and show less details.

4. Wizard-like UI, for easier navigation to the Next/Previous test configuration steps.

Parametrization: support for multiple data sources with multiple fields, derived from CSV files.

Parametrization: binding request parameters to data source fields.

Additional features:

  • Test Summary report has two new metrics: In and Out bandwidth.

  • Support for dynamic cookie management for better adhesion to client session.

  • Received bytes per second graph.

Our special thanks to Joe Fawcett for suggestion to add parametrization.

The Alpha can be downloaded here.  We'd appreciate your feedback.
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