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Max @StresStimulus
Max @StresStimulus
Posts: 101

Max @StresStimulus
Max @StresStimulus
Posts: 101
Step 1. Recording test scenario

  • Navigate through your application to capture test scenario in Fiddler.

  • Click StresStimulus tab.

  • Select HTTP sessions for testing.

Step 2. Running test

  • Set number of virtual users.

  • Set think time - wait time before subsequent user action.

  • Set number of test iterations or test execution time.

  • Click Start Test. StresStimulus will playback recorded scenario under load until completion.

Step 3. Analyzing results

  • After test is complete StresStimulus displays:

  • test performance measurements;

  • per page performance metrics.

  • Paste to Excel performance report for further analysis.

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