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Brianna Blanchard
Brianna Blanchard
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My set up is as follows: log in on first iteration, load a couple pages all iterations, logout out on last iteration. Caching is enabled (with 100%) new VU to allow the sessions established upon each VU first logging in to persisent across iterations. The most important page consistent of a primary, initializing request following by a series of (parameterized) image requesets. However, despite the fact that this page is set to be requested for "All iterations", only the primary request is being sent after the first iteration. When I turn off caching, the requests are made every iteration. It thus appears that SS has determined that these requests are static images that do not need to be requested again, despite the fact that I have parameterized these image requests.

In the description for the New VU%, it says "Caching rules for each request will be determined based on server caching headers." Is there something I can modify in the original requests to get these requests replayed every time? I really need to be able to use caching.

I will upload my test to the support repository.
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