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Vadim @StresStimulus
Vadim @StresStimulus
Posts: 583

Vadim @StresStimulus
Vadim @StresStimulus
Posts: 583
A user uninstalled StresStimulus with the following comment:
"Or switch to the Free edition to remove the 3 VU limit, and use StresStimulus in production for simple load tests for as long as you wish "
I do not see such option. This is probably a bait and switch, which is fine.
Dear User,
 To switch to the Free Edition, in StresStimulus main menu click Use Free Edition

This is explained in the “Evaluation, trial versions and freeware” section on the FAQ page of the StresStimulus website
Q: How do I download the free edition?
A: A single download of StresStimulus includes the trial version of the Pro Edition, the free Edition and the commercial version. After downloading the trial simply click "Use Free Edition" in the StresStimulus menu. You can switch between the Pro and free editions as many times as you need.

The free version allows running simple load tests with up to 100 VUs. It will be free forever.

We are always glad to answer any StresStimulus questions posted on the forum (with or without registration), sent via email, by clicking the "Have a question?" link in StresStimulus bottom right corner, or “contact us” website form, or by calling our support line.

We do not use a bait-and-switch practice.

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