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Charles Durrant
Charles Durrant
Posts: 8

Charles Durrant
Charles Durrant
Posts: 8
I noted the multiple test case feature. I see that a test file can contain many individual test cases but does it do the following:
Let's say I have the following test cases:
1) Login
2) Logout
3) Add record
4) Delete record
4) Search records
I would like to not duplicate code so I'd like to have a 'test case' that runs other test cases sequentially i.e.
a)  1 - Login, 2 Add Record, 3 Logout
b)  1- Login, 2 Delete Record, 3 Logout
c) 1 - Login, 2 Search Records, 3 Logout
With the above my login and logout cases are never duplicated and if the site login changes I only have to change the test case logic in one place?
I'm a little confused by the muliple test case feature, it seems that it is smply a container for test cases - I'm probably being very stupid and not understanding it...!
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