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Posts: 3
Hi Team,

Sorry for posting novice question, But i tried all possible way to pass through cookies and session id to integrated system subsequent request for authorization.

Scenario -

We have an application X (our main product) which is loading another application (Y) within an iframe. We have single signon mechanism which automatically login users into the other system. Application Y is java based web application and when trigger from application X its auto login itself by connecting to our identify management system.

The very scenarios where application x login work fine, I am able to extract cookie and pass it to the subsequent request of application X are able to retrieve and gives 200 OK status.

But, within the same scope, when we are running request which are part of application Y, we are getting unauthorized errors. Digging it shows that there are three parts passing in cookie for application Y i.e SESSION, XSRF-TOKEN, and JSESSIONID. I did extracted these three parts from previous request and passed in subsequent request, but no luck.

Can you guys please help me with some counters or route me to some documentation to resolve this.

Thanking you in advance
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