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Joe Early
Joe Early
Posts: 2

Joe Early
Joe Early
Posts: 2
HI all, completely new to this wee tool. 

When I first installed it and run a dummy test on our internal app, the graphs where all displayed fine. 
However on every run since the first no graph is created. I get a load of details about response time etc etc but no graphs. 
Any help would be great here as am learning the tool while load testing a new app. 

Test Results
Test Summary
Test Case Summary
Primary Pages: 23
URLs : 49
Test Parameters
Test Case Mix: Test Case 1 (1)
Load pattern: Steady load
Initial Users: 3
Browser Type: IE 9
Browser cache: Disabled
Network Type: LAN
Complete test after: 3 iterations
Warm-up time: 0 seconds
Test Run Information
Date: Jan-11 2013
Start Time: 11:07:46.89
End Time: 11:07:47.75
Warm-up (s): 0
Aggregate Session time (s): 3.32
Test run duration (s): 0.86
Overall Result
Status: Completed
Max User Load: 3
Total bytes sent: 96,651
Total bytes received: 1,282,494
Bytes sent/sec: 113,042.11
Bytes received/sec: 1,499,992.98
Http Errors: 12
Request Timeouts: 0
Page Timeouts: 0
Missed Goals: 0
Test Iterations
Iterations Started: 3
Iterations Completed: 3
Avg. iteration time (s): 0.68
Requests (HTTP transactions)
Total requests: 147
Requests/sec: 171.93
Avg. response time (s): 0.02
Total Pages requests: 69
Avg. response time (s): 0.03
Avg. Page/sec: 81
The Slowest page: (0.49s)
The Fastest page:

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