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Brianna Blanchard
Brianna Blanchard
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***Not a StresStimulus issue. The test error was fixed***
When running a test that has 60 requests per iteration, I get 1 to 2 400 errors (Bad Request: Invalid Verb) each iteratation/each time I "Verify" the test case. The 400 errors are not being returned from the server: there is no record of the requests that returned on the IIS logs, and the 400 errors occurs even when the server is taken down (meaning I get ~59 404 errors and one 400 errors. The request that gives the error seems to be random out of the 60, so it is not a mistake in one particular request. After performing a WireShark trace, it appeared that there was an extra null character being added to the beginning of the request (before the GET) that caused the error. The test case has been uploaded to the support repository. I have experienced this on the two of my test cases with 60 unique requests, but do not see the same problem with another test where I took my 15 unique requests and duplicated them four times.
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