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David Kelling
David Kelling
Posts: 2

David Kelling
David Kelling
Posts: 2
I have Fiddler 2.3.9

I have the free version of StressStimulus installed and selected 

I turn on capturing for Fiddler

I load a login page for our site, log in, then go to a URL

Our site records the visit to the URL in the database

I select all session rows in Fiddler  

I click Replay in Fiddler

This 2nd visit is ALSO recorded in the database, new row

With the exact same sessions selected, I click Set Test Case (with Selected Sessions) in StressStimulus

(1 VU added every second up to 10 VUs, are other details relevant?)

I click Start

A bunch of stuff happens, graphs are created, I'll learn what they mean later

NOTHING is recorded in the database

It seems I am asking StressStimuls to perform the exact same thing that happened when I clicked Replay in Fiddler, but clearly I am not...

I would appreciate insight, suggestions, speculation as to what I am doing wrong or need to do to get these URL visits to be recorded in the database as actually having been visited. It seems to me I want actual writes to the database happening in order to have a valid test...

Thanks much for helping out the flunky!

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