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Posts: 7
***Resolved on 5/29/12***
Assume this is not a bug, and is by design, but thought I'd check anyway.
When i record my test, its recorded against a site using GZIP, and this records fine.
But when playback happens, even though the 'Accept-encoding:gzip, deflate' header is sent, the response shows in Fiddler as uncompressed.
Is this just a display issue in Fiddler? Is the tool correctly receiving GZIP content?
Normally when you click on a request in fiddler that has been through GZIP, it asks you to transform the data before you can look at the response data.
Its probably just a usability enhancement you've added to remove the extra step, but possibly it should set the 'Body' column in fiddler to the compressed document size rather than the uncompressed size as it makes it look like something is wrong
Also- when you 'Compare Sessions' the requests, it compares a compressed VS a non-compressed document which doesn't really make sense.
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