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3 days ago
Posts: 4
A simplified file structure of what's trying to be achieved:

A working folder is used by several individuals (managed using external source control as necessary) and it's path is specific to each individual.
The working folder contains multiple projects & each project has several tests.

There are some resources (e.g. files to be uploaded during tests) common to all tests & also some common only within specific projects.

In tests, some sessions have parameterised file uploads using datasets e.g.:

When verifying tests in the SS interface the relative path specified in the dataset works as required - i.e.:

Which addresses files relatively, going up 6 folder levels (to the 'common to all' location) then navigates to the common file to be used during the verification.

however when run using load agents this method does not appear to locate the resources used or make them available to the agents when they playback the tests.

We're trying to avoid the same common files (numerous & sometimes large) having to appear in every every test's own DataFiles folder - causing space, duplication, maintenance, versioning, updating & change headaches...

Could you provide a few pointers in relation to how this can be accomplished please.
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