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Brianna Blanchard
Brianna Blanchard
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I am using the latest version of Fiddler (v2.4.4.0) and StresStimulus (v2.8.4863), and trying to launch a test with the following command (while fiddler is closed):
<Fiddler File Path>\Fiddler.exe /SS <Test File Path>\MyTestName.ssconfig
The SS test is loaded in fiddler, but does not appear to run: no progress bar appears, nothing is graphed, and nothing appears in the Test Summary. If I manually click "Run", the test executes without problem. When I run an equivalent command using StresStimulus 2.0.4657, it will launch and run the test. I would really like to take advantage of the new features in StresStimulus, but I need to be able to run from the command line.
I also saw the recommendation to use LaunchFiddler.exe in the v2.5 release details,  but I don't have this .exe and I can't find it to download.
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