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V2.8 is released

After two months of public beta, v2. 8 with50+ new features went live today. Our thanks to all beta users for your feedback that helped make StresStimulus better! v2. 8 is available here. What's new in StresStimulus 2. 8. The highlights of 2.


v2.8 Update 2

This update is expected to be the last one before the final release scheduled for this month. The following new features and updates were added:. 1. Host Auto-Filter deletes unnecessary requests and helps with future recordings. The Video-tip below shows how to use it.


Script Quick Reference

A list of XML collections, elements, attributes and corresponding UI properties is provided below. Collection <TestCases>. Element TestCase. XML Attribute. UI Property. Description or Values. When Used. Name. Name. The Test Case name. MixWeight. Mix Weight.